Dolf Andringa, MSc

“The hard part is understanding the problem.”

cell: +639272892137address: Meyerhof, 8 Palmey Way, West Balabag, Valencia, Negros Oriental 6215, The Philippines


I am an experienced software engineer with a strong affinity for IoT and hardware development. My main languages are Python, Typescript and embedded C, using TDD and CI/CD practices. I am very hands-on, and eager to explore new technologies. My experience has given me breadth of knowledge, without sacrificing technical depth. As solutions architect, I love understanding problems both on the technical side and from a user’s perspective. First and foremost I am an engineer, but I am also very aware of the business consequences of engineering choices. I have contributed plugins and bugfixes to multiple Open Source software products and in my last role at Therma, I designed the LoRaWAN IoT infrastructure, back-end and machine learning pipeline for two products in commercial refrigeration and HVAC in the food industry in the US. These led to them getting their $19M Series A funding, and resulted in two provisional patent applications.


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