Curriculum Vitae Dolf Andringa, MSc

June 2019

Personal Information

Birthday and -place 05 October 1980, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands
Nationality Dutch
Gender Male
Marital status Married

Contact information

Address Meyherhof apt 1, Palmey Way
brgy West-Balabag
Negros Oriental 6215
Mobile +639272892137

Employment history

2019 - present Senior Software Engineer at CoInspect, Cebu, The Philippines.
  For the San Fransisco, USA based company CoInspect I work as part-time full stack Javascript and Typescript software engineer and advisor on new product development for their Cebu team. CoInspect makes mobile and webbased software and hardware solutions for the large franschises in the food industry in the United States.
2019 - present Incorporator and Advisor for Dumaguete’s ARC
  ARC is a non-profit technology incubator in Dumaguete that wants to stimulate a technology driven, environmentally and socially conscious innovative economy in the Dumaguete area. We do this by providing the facilities and guidance to enterprising and driven professionals that want to make a difference by creating innovative solutions that contribute to a better life for the people in Dumaguete and the Philippines as a whole. I am a founding members of the organisation and function as a project development advisor and technical consultant.
2017 - 2019 Consultant at College of Computer Studies at Foundation University, Dumaguete, The Philippines.
  I work 2-3 days a week at Foundation University I consult on Software Development and IoT projects where I teach students while they assist me on software development and IoT projects, and advise capstone and thesis projects. Most projects are run from the Nightowl Technology incubator, which I lead and involve a combination of mobbile and backend software development, electronics and 3D printing..
2016 - present Consultant
  I specialize in full-stack software development in Python, Angular and Ionic. I furthermore consult on projects involving electronics and the Internet of Things geospatial and scientific data management, analysis and reporting. As my affinity with marine conservation, science and GIS is very strong, I enjoy applying my skills in this area most, but also derive a lot of satisfaction from purely technological challenges. Although my main software development specialty is full-stack web-development in Python and Angular, I am versatile and have experience in Java, C/C++, R, PHP and other languages.
2016 - present Partner at East Solar Works
  East Solar Works is a solar company that mainly focuses on new applications of solar power. It moved from regular solar power installations to solar water pumping for municipal and rural water supplies. As one of the partners, my main responsibility is implementing ICT solutions, technical support and R&D and optimizing business processes. My previous experience in building IT solutions and as CTO of an IT company come together in this role.
2014 - 2016 Science Officer at Marine Conservation Philippines
  MCP is a non-profit nature conservation organization, funded by its volunteer program. It supports conservation initiatives by the local government and conservation and peoples’ organizations with technical knowledge and trained manpower. My main responsibility was research and monitoring setup and execution, and supervision of interns and volunteers in those activities and coordination with stakeholders. Later on my role shifted more towards techn(olog)ical activities like data management and analysis, GIS and remote sensing activities and IT and spatial data infrastructure management. As part of the scientific monitoring program, I also developed our own data entry (web-)application in AngularJS/Python/PostgreSQL. Since I work as independent consultant, MCP is still one of my clients.
2013 - 2014 Lecciones Amazonicas project coordinator at Amazon Fund, Bolivia
  Coordination of an environmental education project in two consecutive secondary school years, in the Bolivian Amazon. Responsibilities included design and layout (in LateX) of educational material for a field practical and ecology course for secondary schools, and the coordination of the project with schools, teachers, directors, the municipality and local indigenous guides. The educational material was published in a web-portal that I implemented in Drupal.
2010 - 2013 Chief Technical Officer at Proigia
  As a continuation of my work at Elcyon, I co-founded Proigia. It grew into a company with about 7 employees. Proigia still develops a web-based business intelligence platform and services for primary healthcare providers based on their own medical information. The application consists of data extraction, transport, anonymisation, encryption and reporting layers implemented in Python, Java, and PostgreSQL. The reporting front-end for clients was a web-application written in Turbogears and a web-mapping application implemented in OpenLayers/GeoExt/Geoserver/PostGIS. Data extraction, abstraction and interpretation were enormous challenges as data had to be extracted from 7 different IT systems from different companies, and were often very large and badly documented and had grown organically over many years. As CTO is was in charge of the technical strategy and architecture of the company, software development and implementation and IT infrastructure in general.
2004 - 2013 Independent contractor in Elcyon.
  Starting out as a system administrator for various companies, work evolved into website and web-application development, and then on to software developer. The software development became the majority of work and after developing a proof-of-concept web-based GIS, culminated in the founding of Proigia. The last three years all work went into Proigia, with Elcyon taking a background position.
2001 - 2004 Various jobs at Wageningen University
  Including a system administrator at the head office, tutoring a course, development of a website for the Biology study, and development of information material for the health and safety department.


2014 SSI Dive Control Specialist at Island Divers, Cambodia.
1999 - 2008 MSc in Biology at Wageningen University, specialisation Tropical ecology and a minor in Geographic Information Science
1993 - 1999 Secondary school “Stedelijk Gymnasium Apeldoorn”

Other skills and qualifications

Only a selection is listed, starting with the skills/techniques I am most comfortable with.

Computers general: Linux, Windows, Open Office, Microsoft Office, Apple
Data science and business intelligence R, SPSS, Scipy, Bibtex, Latex, Jupyter, Apache Superset
GIS: PostGIS, QGIS, Grass GIS, OpenLayers, Leaflet, GeoExt, Geoserver, GDAL, Geonetwork Open Source, ArcGIS
Programming and related languages: Python, Typescript, Javascript, PHP, Java, C, C++
Dev-ops tools/services: Github/Lab/etc, TravisCI, Ansible, Jenkins, Vagrant, AWS EC2, Heroku, Nginx, Apache, OpenVPN
Databases: PostgreSQL, PostGIS, MongoDB, MySQL, SQLite, Redis
Electronics and Prototyping: Atmel and ESP8266 embedded device programming, Fusion360, PCB Design, 3D printing
Web development tools/libraries: Flask, Angular, Ionic, SQLAlchemy, Drupal, MQTT, RabbitMQ, Wordpress, Pylons, JQuery, ExtJS
Other: Drivers license, SSI Dive Control Specialist (Assistant Instructor) (500+ dives)